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Alhazen’s illustration about human vision. Alhazen (965 in Basra – c. 1039 in Cairo) made significant contributions to the principles of optics.

80% of all sensory perceptions are optic and need light as an information medium.
The eye is always consciously or unconsciously monitoring the environment: human attention is captured by the brightest items in the visual field, by moving objects, by unforeseen elements and by everything potentially dangerous. For these reasons light can be seen as a universal language.
Beyond any cultural and linguistic barrier, human beings are instinctively attracted by light, this attitude can be used to convey information in a strategic way. It is possible to take advantage of these proprieties using light as a meaningful medium to guide and help users to solve complex issues, limiting the information overload given by many traditional interfaces.
At this point the aim of my research is therefore to understand how to create a basic light behaviour grammar to design a non verbal interface that can be understood in a more intuitive way.
Within the end of the project I would like to investigate if it is possible to design an interface that uses mainly light, sound, haptic perception, heat, storytelling etc as tools to express the behaviour of the device.
In this way I would like to understand which are the prerequisites to design “calm devices”, that requires just our peripheral attention to work correctly.


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Light as a meaningful medium Ssssh, my computer is in sleep mode!

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