Light and gesture interface MAP

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Context: devices that communicate via wireless connection.

Design a MAP that can be considered as a base for the development of a light/gesture interface vocabulary. Design all the behaviours for the Ipod Shuffle/Speaker communication context -the universal and the unique routines– and then apply them to an other contest (i.e. laptop/wireless router, photo camera/printer …). Find out the overlapping behaviours between the different contexts and design the missing specific interactions device/device and user/device.

1st sketch MAP

Consider light as a material that can be manipulated (light up a match, blow a candle, turn off a candle with wet fingers or taking away the oxygen, screw in a light bulb, press a switcher, turn on a lighter…) to empower the gesture that trigger the behaviour.

Investigate more the historical meaning of light in nature, science and religion. The aim is to look for metaphors to build up a sphere of gestures/behaviours with a strong cultural background.

Consider that the absence of light can be a strong signal, when the device is on the light can just be off and if there are problems the LED can turn on. This is a provocative example but it is important, to prevent information overload and feedback pollution, to keep in mind these aspects.

Design a experience prototype test to verify and polish the light/gesture routines. Tests has to be be run throughout the project development but also at the exhibition at the end of August.


Entry filed under: Lightscape Map.

Refining the Context #1 Status light MAP examples

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