Conclusions on the User Experience

January 14, 2010 at 21:05 2 comments

Light vocabulary tested on 20 users (from 21 to 72 years old), with different backgrounds. I conducted 10 of the 20 interviews during the TEI conference Demo session.

1. All the users understood:

  • the concept of Main Device (with memory storage) and Peripheral device (without memory storage)
  • the concept of Connection light (bottom light) and Control light (top light)
  • the colour coding system to show the connection between a Main device and a Peripheral one
  • the colour coding system to show the transfer direction
  • the connection light behaviour

2. The transfer complete routine should be refined, now it is not clear enough: some users got confused.
3. A general overview is really important: after the user has seen the whole vocabulary he/she can guess the meaning of all the light behaviours (exclusion principle).
4. The error message is the most important feedback to design. It should be more detailed and specific: right now the user just understands that something really wrong happened.
5. All the users -but one- thought that the light behaviour was an handy and useful tool to show the devices’ activities. The light vocabulary is logic and consistent.


Entry filed under: Prototyping.

User experience on the new light vocabulary Presentation at TEI 10 at MIT

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  • 1. Chloe Fan  |  January 26, 2010 at 18:37

    Hi Alice,

    I’m here at TEI and really enjoyed your talk! I was wondering what that one user (in #5 of your post) thought of the system? Also, how do you pick your colors? Is it arbitrary, or have you found ways to map certain colors (besides green yellow red) to certain digital concepts?


    • 2. alice pintus  |  February 3, 2010 at 02:09

      hello Chloe! thank you for your comment.
      The user you are talking about thought that she was not interested in visualising with light behaviours the devices activity because she could understand already what was going on and she was not so into using technology on daily basis.

      I could not find any way to map certain colours according to a function (besides the blinking red for error). The user can pick a personalised colour to identify his/her device trough a software that is visualised when you connect the DEVICE to a screen. You will be able to select the colour in a colour wheel similar to the one you have in Photoshop.


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